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Shri Kshetra Devgad Temple, A Pleasant Holy Place, That Gives Divine Experience Newasa – Aurangabad


The great saint of the modern times Shri Samarth Sadguru Kisangiri Baba was born in 1907 at Godhegaon,near Devgad. His parents were most virtuous and spiritual. He was very contemplative devotee and holy person. He always thought of the welfare of the society. Kisangiri Baba was extreme adorder of God Shankar. He endured hard austerity for 12 years in the riverbed of Pravara. After the accomplishment of the austerity,he came to

Godhegaon and socialized with the rural populace. He had acquired the divine knowledge through the austerity and become the spiritual preceptor. He advised the religious massess to go for the pilgrimage of the fourholy places i.e. Char Dham. He was against sensual spiritual thinking. He advised to cherish in the mind only pious thoughts and deep faith in God.

He founded the temple of Shree Datta prabhu as well as the Devgad Sansthan. The preeminent Saint Dnyaneshwar Mauli worte the purport of Shri Mad Bhagwad Geeta which is the translation from Sanskrit into Prakrut(colloquial)Marathi of the bygone century. It is named as Dnyaneshwari. The place where that Dnyaneshwari was written, is Newasa on the bank of Pravara. Kisangiri Baba had practiced the same teaching of Geeta and Dnyaneshwari throughout his life. He devoted his life for the welfare of the society. He spent the leisure in only incessant chanting and remembrance of God. He ended his life in the year 1983 when he himself felt the spiritual manifestation of Datta Prabhu,and laid down his life. His SAMADHI is situated in the vicinity of Datta Mandir. A small temple is erected over the "Samadhi of Baba".


Devgad, a holy place is the "paradise"on the earth. In the premises of Devgad, the temple of lord Datta is main and the most attractive one. It is built with carved stones. Marble stones are used in very artistic way. Four feet golden imposing top gives wonderful spiritual experience. This charming idol of Lord Datta is real glory of this temple. One can feel the idol as 'alive-Cleanliness', holiness and spiritual richness in the company of saints in the temple hall is an important and attractive part of the temple. Continous "Hari-naam" in the temple has made each and every corner and stone of the temple pious and one feels that each corner and stone are mixed their voices in the Hari-naam. Here one gets the answer to the question,"Why should we go to the temple?" He tries his best to keep Lord Datta in his eyes. This is the granduer of the Datta temple.


The great souls like Kisangiri Baba are considered as the incarnations of the deity. They are born like the common perosn but in their life they done sublime work of altruism. Then lay down the life as if it is predetermined. Though such saints disappear bodily but their memorable work inspires the disciples. Every devotee offers reverential bow before the holy 'Samadhi'


Almighty Sadguru Kisangiri Baba handed over Devgad to Highly Respected Bhaskargiri Maharaj who is an ideal of devotion to Guru. The complete devotion to Guru,enabling the disciples who attain a feeling that whatever is there, is of Sadguru; whatever is to be done should be done for Sadguru for his happiness, cannot be achieved without the great mercy of Sadguru. Sadguru Bhaskargiri Maharaj, the possessor of such a great mercy is adding to the fame and admiration of Devgad graciously.

By the great mercy of Sadguru, highly respected Bhaskargiri has undertaken the great work of making Devgad. A place which holds a great respect in the minds of millions of devotees,such a spiritually rich place where every visitor will get solace and external joy. Highly respected Bhaskargiri Maharaj who effectively advocates the important role of the visiting holy places. The developement of people who have been positively active in this regard holds a high esteem in the hearts of millions. Highly respected Bhaskargiri Maharaj is having a deep faith in spiritualism as well as in modern thoughts and has widened the concept of worshiped god giving it new form predicting the ideal of "Service to man is Service to God" is having deep faith in the doctrine of seeing God in every living being and acts according to his ideology. Thus he has just given a new norm to the service of humanity. He is the real and sincere benefactor of common and depressed people.

MAHADWAAR - An Entrance to Heaven

The Mahadwar, grand entrance gives the idea of grand temples in Shri Kshetra Devgad area. This is a grand, easy, great and simple way to enter in the field that gives the real meaning of life.


As per the desire of Sadguru, there is a temple of "Panchmukhi Siddheshwar" in the premises of Devgad to the left of Shri Datta Mandir, The devotees can take "Darshan" (divine seeing) of Shree Siddheshwar who is the donor of all true desires, Shri Kartik Swami and of Mother Parvati. The spiritual existence of these deities in this temple enriches the premises and presents an ideal of spiritual harmony and spiritual atmosphere. Small but beautiful Siddheshwar temple becomes more attractive because of the spiritual beauty of the idols.


The main entrance of the temple is marvelous one and it adds to the grandeur of the temple. Before entering the main temple, the devotees stop here for a while and see the great doors (Mahadwar) of the temple. One can see the most attractive dome (Gopur) from here. This main entrance helps the devotees to get mentally prepared to enter in the spiritual atmosphere.


The spiritual gathering of saintes and sages make places sacred. When these sacred places get the strength of holy water then they turn into "holy water sacred places". This stream of holy water gives the message to prosper in spiritual life. The teaching and guidance on spiritual matter by the Saints and Sages lead to get proper direction. Devgad is such a kind of holy water sacred place. The bed of Pravara river gives glory to this sacred place where the people follow the advice of Saint Kisangiri Baba. The stony bank of river Pravara, the trees on the bank of it the vast bed of this river where boating can be done, all these things develop the friendship with the nature. The river Pravara flows at the foot of the temple. One can see strange scene of holy water stream and nature's beauty at Devgad. The river Pravara is very anxious to tell the greatness of great saint Kisangiri Baba to the river Godavari, so Pravara flows very speedily to meet the river Godavari.


The devotees come to such a place to get Satsang ( The devine company of sages and saints) and find out the ways leading to the fulfilment of life. The disciples get a divine joy when they get provisions of comfort. The Datta Mandir Sansthan is of the opinion that the devotees should get comfortable accommodation, a favorable atmosphere for "Sadhna" (Meditation). The continious increase in the number of devotees and visitors and the necessity of their accommodation, the Sansthan has built a five star building in which 75 comfortable rooms are available providing accommodation to 1000 devotees at a time. A big dining hall, a reception hall and a Meditation hall is also available in the same building. In addition the Sansthan has built another big hall namely Kalyan Mandap and Yatri Nivas recently,another one hall is under construction. Now the prople who want to come and stay in Devgad for meditation and service can get a very pious calm and comfortable accommodation. Thease building are situated in front of the temple is called as BhaktNivas.

Devgad Datta mandir bhakta niwas booking : Contact numbers

Manager Devgad – 9763171073 Office Devgad – 0242-7283111

Please note that there is no online booking facility for bhakta niwas.

Temple has Bhakt niwas, where you can get good quality rooms at nominal price, I went there at around 11 am, took a room for my mother and went for Darshan, then took Prasad (good food at nominal rates) and then rested in room.

They have different rooms and dormitory too. The VVIP room costed me 350 Rs for 24 hours (deposit 200 Rs – refundable)

Please note that they don’t allow booking over phone, you need to physically go there to book rooms. Also room is given only for minimum three persons (2 persons not allowed) and ID card like License or Adhar card is a must.

The temple is 24 hours open for the visitors.

Shri kshetra Devgad Aashram Dinacharya (Daily schedule of Ashram)

4 am Ghanta naad (ringing bells) + Sanai vadan (musical instrument)

4 ~ 4.30 am                           Prata:snan (bath), Puja

4.30 ~ 5 am Shri Nitya-Abhishek

5 ~ 6 am                                  Kakada, Bhajan

6 ~ 6.30 am                           Aarti (using various musical instruments)

6.30 ~ 7 am                            Darshan & Kshetra pradakshina

7.30 ~ 8 am                            Shri Geeta Path + Vishnu Sahastranam

8.30 ~ 10 am                          Ashram seva

10.30 ~ 12 noon                    Maha nevedya and Bhojan

12 ~ 3 pm                                 Vishranti (rest) & Chintan

3 ~ 4 pm                                   Nityopkaran seva

4 ~ 5 pm                                   Shri Dyaneshwariparayan

5 ~ 5.30 pm                            Shrinchi darbar seva

5.30 ~ 7 pm                            Haripath and Sayam-Aarti

7 ~ 7.30 pm                           Darshan

7.30 ~ 8.30 pm                    Bhojan

8.30 ~ 9.30 pm                     Naam jap, Bhajan

9.30 ~ 10 pm                        Shejj-Aarti

10 pm ~ 4 am                     Purna vishranti (sleeping)

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