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Craft Tour - A Heritage Journey

India’s First Indigenous Handicrafts Tour.
A Social Initiative of KALAPURI.
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Kolhapuri Chappals

Kolhapuri Chappals are handcrafted leather sandals that get their name from the place of their origin, the district of Kolhapur in the state of Maharashtra. The exact date of its origin, is unknown, but the cobblers of this district have succeeded in creating a globally recognized product. These chappals, which were probably worn only by the inhabitants of Kolhapur, are now worn all over India and abroad.

2. Handmade Basket.jpg

Handmade Plastic Baskets

Adhar Samajik Sanstha has revived the traditional craft of Chettinad by teaching it to a group of village women from many Kolhapur Villages. The Foundation now also runs many production centres and provides employment to more than 150 women. The aim of the project is to provide a dependable and sustainable source of income through craft.

Terracotta Handicrafts

The making of terracotta pottery is no ordinary process. Each terracotta pot or piece of art is created by a fascinating process with grace and dedication and the time taken to make such a masterpiece is what makes terracotta so valuable and expensive.

3. Terracotta Handicrafts.jpg
4. Ghongadi.jpg


Ghongadi is a cultural and spiritual inheritance of Maharashtra. It holds immense significance in the various religious activities like ‘Jagran Gondhal’ of the Maharashtrian community. Ghongadi is considered auspicious while fixing marriages in rural areas as well as a seating arrangement for the guests visiting the villages.

Kolhapuri Pheta

The royals of Maharashtra since prehistoric times left behind a legacy of wearing a ‘pagdi, in other words a head gear which till date plays a significant role when it comes to traditional costumes and attires for the men living in Maharashtra. Kolhapuri  Pheta when donned gives the wearer a noble and distinct look which automatically speaks for itself without the need of any additional adornments. 

5. Kolhapuri Pheta.jpg
6. Nauvari Saree.jpg

Nauvari Saree

Nauvari Saree  is a traditional saree which actually is known for it’s Long Length of 9 yards. A normal saree is of 5.5 meters or 6 meters while a Nauvari saree is or more than 8 meters. During the traditional events like festivals or weddings, women love to wear Maharastrian saree styles.

Kolhapuri Jewellery

Thushi and Saaj - The Jewel of Maharashtra is a traditional Maharashtrian jewellery from Peshwa dynasty. Maharashtrian jewellery is particularly known for its gracefulness. Thushi's have become very popular among style-conscious ladies and so every lady wants to have thushi necklace as a part of her collection.

7. Kolhapuri Jewellery.jpg
8. Hupari Anklets.jpg

Hupari Anklets

Silver ornaments like payals (anklets) made in Hupari village of Kolhapur district in Maharashtra. Hupari village is about 24 km from the city of Kolhapur surrounded by other villages like Pattankodoli, Rendal, and Vasagade which are also working on the silver ornaments.

Musical Instruments

Sitar-making is a very individualised craft, which combines the sensibilities of both the artist playing it and the craftsman making it. Every sitar player has a different requirement and the sitar-makers are quick to understand and execute that requirement to perfection.

9. Muscial Instruments.jpg
10. Bantus.jpg


Kolhapuri Bantu requires no introduction. It is more like a sandal than a slipper. Bantu, sometimes has over hundred years old history, firstly started in Kolhapur and some parts of Maharashtra border. Bantu is now becoming friend of Denims and the new fashion of using Bantu as summer shoes is getting popular each day.

Tulasi Maal

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11. Tulasi Maal.jpg

Yatrapuri is about trying to explore the Indian Heritage Sites and Indian Handicrafts. Kalapuri’s craft tours aims to connect the global traveler with India’s artisans and craft communities.

We journey into the nooks and crannies of rural India with individual travellers or travel groups, giving them a first-hand look at how India’s traditional crafts are practiced. Travellers are given the unique opportunity of interacting with artisans, watching them in the process and uncovering stories seldom found in books and travel magazines.

Each tour is completely customized, catering to the interests, tastes and budgets of individual travelers or travel groups. We work closely with our customers to make travel, accommodation and meal arrangements that meet their specific requirements.

At present we organize tours in various villages across the Kolhapur, Sangli, Sindhudurg, Raigad, Satara, Nashik, Pune of Maharashtra and Belgaum, Bagalkot, Hubli of Karnataka. We’ll soon be commencing tours to Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.

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