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Mini Mahabaleshwar- Dapoli, A Land of Surprises. Beaches, Hot springs, Archaeological Sites.

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Dapoli, a small town in Ratnagiri, is everything a holiday destination should be. A perfect place for a beach holiday, Dapoli has something for every one. With a long stretch of beach extending from Dabhol in the south and Kelshi in the northern end Dapoli has one of the longest stretch of beaches. The temples sea forts hotsprings and archaeological sites around Dapoli doesnt cease to surprise you and makes it a complete holiday destination.

Dapoli is a town at an altitude of about 800 ft above sea level. The beaches which Dapoli is famous for is about 10-15 kms away from the town. While planning a holiday in Dapoli especially if its a short break, choose one of the beaches in Dapoli that you plan to visit and try staying close to the beach. While zeroing in on the beach also consider the distance to the sightseeing option like temples or forts that you want to cover during your holiday.

The best season to visit Dapoli is October end to mid February, however you will be able to see a different shade of Dapoli during monsoons. You would know why some people call Dapoli the mini Mahabaleshwar if you visit Dapoli during monsoons. Humidity stays on the higher side in Dapoli owing to its proximity to the sea and it can get very hot during summers. Evenings in Dapoli however are quite pleasent even during summers.

Dapoli has one of the longest stretch of beach in the entire Konkan stretch. The beaches starting from Dabhol stretches through Ladghar and Karde right uptil Kelshi. Most of these beaches are connected but for a few creeks in between and the adventurous can try a bike ride over the rocky stretches to reach the adjacent beach!

Tucked between Bhagmandala in the north and the Dabhol creek in the south, Dapoli taluka has one of the longest stretch of beaches in the konkan stretch of beaches. The beaches in Dapoli have a fine white sand cover however underneath it is fine black sand. Water sports is available in almost all of the popular beaches in Dapoli and parasailing is also organized at the beaches especially on weekends

The stretch starting from Murud Harnai to Ladghar is the most popular region in Dapoli. Murud Harnai, a vast stretch of flat beach with fine sand is probably the most popular beach in Dapoli with some of the best hotels and resorts. Murud Harnai extends on to Karde and there are some beach front resorts also located between Harnai and Karde. Ladghar is seperated from Karde by a rocky stretch however one can walk across it to Ladghar.

Karde is one of the most secluded and tranquil beaches in the entire stretch of Dapoli beaches. A vast expanse of flat soft sandy beach awaits you at Karde. Karde beach is also a typical Dapoli beach with a thin film of white sand covering the underlying black sand. The Karde beach is a very broad and long beach and extends far upto Burundi and Murud Harnai on either sides. Long walks in Karde can be really long if you are staying at the beach.

Kolthare is amongst the most secluded beaches in Dapoli and until recently there weren't many options of accommodation at this beach however Kolthare has also started springing up small resorts to offer acommodation for the tourists.

Each one of the beaches in Dapoli has something special about them. However if we had to rate these beaches in ascending order.

There are many interesting spots in dapoli that you can visit if you are on a long vacation to Dapoli. Although not frequented much by regular tourists the Panhalekaji budhist caves located at about 30 kms from Dapoli is delight for the one historically inclined. Unhavare just about 20 kms from Panhalekaji is another fascinating spot with its sulphurous hot springs.

Near the Panhalekaji caves about 20 Kms from Dapoli is the Unhavare village famous for the hot sulphur springs. Located in the valley on the bank of a small river surrounded by hills this rustic village is definitely worth a visit if you are on a long vacation in Dapoli. The boiling spring water bubbles up into a series of three rock pools. The hot spring water is clear with just a faint smell and taste of sulphur.

How to Reach - Dapoli

If you are driving from Pune to Dapoli you have the option of choosing from three different routes. The shortest route would be via Bhor however considering road condition route via Mahabaleshwar be the better route to take. While driving down from Mumbai its a straight forward route via the NH 17. By train the nearest train station from Dapoli is Khed which is 40KM away from Dapoli.

Dapoli is about 225 kms from Mumbai and 185 kms from Pune via Mandangad however the route via Khed is far more easier as it is a straight forward route. The Mandagad route will save about 20 kms however the driving time would almost remain the same. The Mandangad route will make sense if you are visiting the northern Dapoli beaches like Anjarle or Kelshi as it would save over 40 kms.

The nearest railhead from Dapoli is Khed which is just 40 kms from Dapoli. Dapoli is also well connected to other parts of the state by road however it is better to travel to Dapoli by own transport since once you get to Dapoli any of the beaches in Dapoli is at least about 10 - 15 kms away from the bus depot and the sightseeing options like temples or forts are also at a similar distance making it very difficult to use public transport for sightseeing in Dapoli. Dapoli is well connected to major cities especialy Mummbai by bus.

Thanks to the ferry service connecting Dabhol to Guhagar and Bankot to Harihareshwar which even ferry your four wheeler you can plan a long vacation in this region in Konkan and visit almost all the beaches in this part of Konkan. Suvarnadurga shipping which operates the ferry service infact has service across Dighi creek and Tavsal creek making road trips possible right drom Alibaug uptil Goa by the beach. In a Dapoli holiday owing to their service one could visit Hariahareshwa or Guhagar!

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